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Myocardial Viability Scan

By |2018-03-15T11:18:14+03:00May 12th, 2014|Cardiovascular system, Nuclear Medicine|

Myocardial viability scan is a non-invasive Nuclear Medicine test used to determine the extent of viable heart muscle tissue. The scan is mostly used for patients who have had previous heart attacks, and where a decision needs to be made as to whether heart surgery will provide significant benefit or not. [...]

Rest Multi-Gated Blood Pool Ventriculography

By |2018-03-15T11:18:15+03:00May 12th, 2014|Cardiovascular system, Nuclear Medicine|

This Nuclear Medicine scan is a means of assessing the heart's pumping ability. It allows an accurate means of measuring how efficiently the ventricles of the heart are contracting. The scan also may indicate the presence of underlying diseases such as cardiomyopathy or coronary artery disease. This scan is also used to [...]

Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

By |2018-03-15T11:18:24+03:00September 21st, 2013|Cardiovascular system|

Myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) is a non-invasive imaging test that shows how well blood flows through (perfuses) your heart muscle. It can show areas of the heart muscle that aren't getting enough blood flow. This test is often called a nuclear stress test. It can also show how well the heart muscle [...]